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God's n Guns - Papi COG


Monday, December 9, 2019

Itel Tosman - Love, Hustle, Bad and Good life Full Track Download

Itel Tosman links up with happiness for the three collaborative tracks. Amazing melodic singing from happiness and nice rap flows from Itel Tosman.

Download below.

  1. HUSTLE / download
  2. LOVE / download
  3. GOOD AND BAD / download
Hope u enjoyed the tracks

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

WTTV - Apex Village Free Mp3 Download and Stream

Way Too Many - Apex Village Free Mp3 Download and Stream

Outta Yo Mind - Apex Village Free Mp3 Download and Stream

Convo - Apex Village Free Mp3 Download and Stream

SLIME - Apex Village Free Mp3 Download and Stream

Kuddi is Dead always has something dope about how he takes the spotlight in any song he has an opportunity to finesse on. PsychoYP went psycho with the hook and the full sub urban vibe of this SLIME track, the kicks on this song is blaring so hard on my speakers rn i gotta turn the volume a bit down.

Fendi - Apex Village Free Mp3 Download and Stream

Per say this is my favorite.

The line up is amazing, the flow pattern superb and the hook gives chills. Marv OTM, Ayüü,PsychoYP, Zilla Oaks & Kuddi Is Dead keeping the heat throughout the full four minutes of vibe, impartial and any honest thoughts on the Welcome to the ville project and you'll find out that Fendi stands out among all other tracks. 

Strapped Up - Apex Village Free Mp3 Download and Stream

PsychoYp links up with Zilla Oaks, prolly the top notch members of the apex village group on strapped up. Strapped up depicts a gun fight scene where PsychoYp says;
I run in the place all strapped up /
Don't need niggas no back up /
Oaks comes in with a super dope flow and steals the whole song exchanging hardened threats to whomever thinks the ville is a joke.

Welcome To The Ville EP - Apex Village Zip, Mp3 Download and Stream

Apex Village Presents Welcome To The Ville (WTTV), their official first project on the 28th February 2019.

Apex Village is a hard working group of talented uprising music act, located in Nigeria, Abuja to be precise focusing on HipHop and Rap variations. The group consists of Seven artists included are Marv OTM, Ayüü, Pablo Herbs, Aar Madakan, PsychoYP, Zilla Oaks and Kuddi Is Dead.  They could be considered a super group for the facts, Since production and mastering of their works are handled by the group members.

Welcome To The Ville gives an eerie sense of Nigerian Trap music that's been missing from the scene for a while. Apex Village front man PsychoYp is already a budding rapper and has gained pretty much a handful of recognition with his most recent YPSZN 2 to keep the dice rolling for the hip hop community in this part of the world added efforts from the ville comes from Kuddi Is Dead with his The Empty Ep and Ayuu's Mango Juice and Bad Decisions project within these period.


  1. WTTV / Download MP3 
  2. SLIME / Download MP3 
  3. STRAPPED UP / Download MP3 
  4. CONVO / Download MP3 
  5. WAY TOO MANY / Download MP3 
  6. OUTTA YO MIND / Download MP3
  7. FENDI / Download MP3 


Hope you enjoyed the project, follow @apexvillage on Instagram

Friday, November 29, 2019

This Girl - Brooks Ft. Mac Dre Free Mp3 Download and Stream

Nigerian rapper Brooks links up with Port Harcourt based artist Mac Dre for this undeniable banger. This Girl samples a good love song where brooks raps about his undying love and how he has no other woman in his life , this song was produced by Paradise.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

God's n Guns - Papi COG (Ft. Nitro) Free Mp3 Download and Stream

Rapper and Singer Papi COG links up with Nitro for this trap banger, God's n Guns showcase the inside life of everyone in the streets and how we manage to balance the symmetry between religion and the hood life.

Production was handled by Nitro,

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Hangin' - Fido Music Mp3 Download and Stream

Southside rapper Fido and Member of Zyrac, drops off his most recent body of work.

After all the wait, gtm fido let's loose of his single, hangin' is a sure banger. Trap Vibes only

Sunday, November 3, 2019

(Album) YPSZN 2 - Psycho YP Zip Download , Review Stream and Download

Although YPSZN 1 sounded like the full pack we are graced to receive a sequel from Nicholas as he gives us  'The YPSZN 2'.

Looking back at the growth psychoyp has amassed within a short period of influence from his YPSZN, we can say the Abuja rapper got the rap game by the throat, ain't no body trappin as hard as psychoyp in Nigeria... Mehhh not even Ycee. Yes i said that, tell Ycee Nitro did. Well i exempt myself though. ☺️

PsychoYp keeps his Versatility in check on this project, full of bangers and dope ass production, features on the album goes through a wide list of C-list artists from the likes of Ladipoe, Zilla Oaks, Nathalie Sade, Terri, Blaqbonez, Dami Oniru exempting BOJ and Skales which could be rated B-list in a sense. Lol yeah, I'm annoying 😂


Similar to SZN One but the background scene is in chaos this time, that's a means of letting y'all know that if Andale was fire, this project duplicates the fire, or maybe triples it lol i don't really know what I'm saying tho.. Those Asteroid hazardous af

  1. City Of Kings / Download Mp3
  2. Yp, Tha Great / Download Mp3
  3. Elevate / Download Mp3
  4. No Chaser / Download Mp3
  5. Strip Club / Download Mp3
  6. I & U / Download Mp3
  7. Superpowers / Download Mp3
  8. ViBES / Download Mp3
  9. iLIKE / Download Mp3
  10. Shots / Download Mp3
  11. OPPS / Download Mp3
  12. Once Again  / Download Mp3
  13. Pack Just Land3d / Download Mp3
  14. T.G.I.F / Download Mp3
  15. TBH / Download Mp3
  16. YPSZN / Download Mp3

Friday, November 1, 2019

Hot Remix Ft. Travis Scott and Gunna - Young Thug Free Mp3 Download and Stream

Travis Scott gets a taste of the Wheezy produced banger.

Young Thug proved he still got the grip on the rap game when he dropped the Gunna assisted hit HOT from his most recent 'So Much Fun' album.

Hot has gone as far as being on the No 1. Spot on billboard, and then travis scott gets a test of the single where he suggested that this wasn't a remix rather saying it's part of a sequel. Lol.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Cruise Control - Phaemous feat. Blaqbonez and PsychoYp mp3 Download and Stream

Download: Mp3 YPSZN 2 Album (zip) 

Get in the groove, straight out the undergrounds comes this cruise banger, control the vibe. And that's what Phaemous created with the aid of PsychoYp and Mr boombastic.