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Hanging by Fido


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Hangin' - Fido Music Mp3 Download and Stream

Southside rapper Fido and Member of Zyrac, drops off his most recent body of work.

After all the wait, gtm fido let's loose of his single, hangin' is a sure banger. Trap Vibes only

Sunday, November 3, 2019

(Album) YPSZN 2 - Psycho YP Zip Download , Review Stream and Download

Although YPSZN 1 sounded like the full pack we are graced to receive a sequel from Nicholas as he gives us  'The YPSZN 2'.

Looking back at the growth psychoyp has amassed within a short period of influence from his YPSZN, we can say the Abuja rapper got the rap game by the throat, ain't no body trappin as hard as psychoyp in Nigeria... Mehhh not even Ycee. Yes i said that, tell Ycee Nitro did. Well i exempt myself though. ☺️

PsychoYp keeps his Versatility in check on this project, full of bangers and dope ass production, features on the album goes through a wide list of C-list artists from the likes of Ladipoe, Zilla Oaks, Nathalie Sade, Terri, Blaqbonez, Dami Oniru exempting BOJ and Skales which could be rated B-list in a sense. Lol yeah, I'm annoying 😂


Similar to SZN One but the background scene is in chaos this time, that's a means of letting y'all know that if Andale was fire, this project duplicates the fire, or maybe triples it lol i don't really know what I'm saying tho.. Those Asteroid hazardous af

  1. City Of Kings / Download Mp3
  2. Yp, Tha Great / Download Mp3
  3. Elevate / Download Mp3
  4. No Chaser / Download Mp3
  5. Strip Club / Download Mp3
  6. I & U / Download Mp3
  7. Superpowers / Download Mp3
  8. ViBES / Download Mp3
  9. iLIKE / Download Mp3
  10. Shots / Download Mp3
  11. OPPS / Download Mp3
  12. Once Again  / Download Mp3
  13. Pack Just Land3d / Download Mp3
  14. T.G.I.F / Download Mp3
  15. TBH / Download Mp3
  16. YPSZN / Download Mp3

Friday, November 1, 2019

Hot Remix Ft. Travis Scott and Gunna - Young Thug Free Mp3 Download and Stream

Travis Scott gets a taste of the Wheezy produced banger.

Young Thug proved he still got the grip on the rap game when he dropped the Gunna assisted hit HOT from his most recent 'So Much Fun' album.

Hot has gone as far as being on the No 1. Spot on billboard, and then travis scott gets a test of the single where he suggested that this wasn't a remix rather saying it's part of a sequel. Lol.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Cruise Control - Phaemous feat. Blaqbonez and PsychoYp mp3 Download and Stream

Download: Mp3 YPSZN 2 Album (zip) 

Get in the groove, straight out the undergrounds comes this cruise banger, control the vibe. And that's what Phaemous created with the aid of PsychoYp and Mr boombastic.

Album Download! Mr Boombastic - Blaqbonez Full Album Stream (Zip)

Nigerian rappers always find a way to blend their sound, and blaqbonez has found the perfect alter ego to blend his sound into the countries ever growing music industry. 

It's always awesome watching an artist evolve over time and grow, blaq has a bright future in the Nigerian rap scene ever since his Bad boy blaq project which broke the rapper to a wild amount of audience which is pretty much worth it after spending almost a decade underground.
100 crowns has been up and running in the ears of hip hop fans in the country because of blaq, fuck A-Q and Loosekaynon, they all old heads tho lol.

Whats A Mr Boombastic? 

Blaq seems to have fucked around and created a new persona for his music since he released the Shut Up song which got two hundred thousand streams on its first week of release. 

Blaqbonez gives us a full EP project under this more commercial personality, the problem here is any time a rapper tries to blend into the commercial market they tend to loose their hip hop fan base in the process, it has been the curse of the Nigerian industry.

We always know the end result but lets give Mr. Boombastic a chance though it's worth gambling since blaq is an intelligent artist (you'll know if you are following him on Instagram) and knows how to maneuver this path.

Track List, Artwork, Download Links

  1. Run My Race / Download Mp3
  2. Boombastic Ft. Falz / Download Mp3
  3. Shut Up / Download Mp3
  4. Magic Ft. Black Magic / Download Mp3
  5. Come For You / Download Mp3
  6. God When / Download Mp3
  7. Promo / Download Mp3

Stream Mr Boombastic

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Psychoyp - To The Max (TTM) Ft. Odunsi - Audio Mp3 Download and Stream

New wave rapper PsychoYp teams up with Alté king Odunsi on To The Max.

We feel the vibe when new acts like this showcase large amount of raw unprocessed talent on the microphone, odunsi comes in with his sweet flows and melody.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Shane Eagle Ft. Nasty C - Paris Audio Mp3 Download and Stream

I flew my momma to Paris, she used to stay on the streets.

South African HipHop has been on the rise and prominent leaders of the new wave are in session, here Shane eagle collaborates with God Flow coroner Nasty C on his upcoming album. Paris has been highly anticipated by both fanbase of the South giant. Be sure to check it out below.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Credit Alert - Zyrac Ft. 2 Sirvage - Audio Mp3 Download and Stream

I just got a credit alert, credit Alert!
My network na etisalat, etisalat 

Zyrac is at it again with the latest release of Credit Alert, here comes a collaboration from 2 sirvage, Credit Alert samples a trap instrumental and dope flows from JuJuboy, Nitro, Fido and 2 sirvage.


Zip Album: How To Open and Listen To Audio Content

Be it a Rar or Zip format in which any album or mix tape has been compressed into, this tutorial will guide you on how to extract the music files into your phone audio player. 

Ever since the rise of the streaming era and Digital download of music, distributing music can be done from home directly to the fans out there without the help of a Record Label.

You certainly in your quest to listen to a new project from one of your favorite artists have come across the compiled format of the album in a Zip or Rar format sometimes 7z has been encountered on various mp3 download websites, what this file is for starters its a compiled version of all the track list from the album into a single file for faster and easier access instead of downloading each audio one after another. 

Lately of recent i get lots of visitors that download a Zip file of an album and after spending so much data in downloading the file (usually big) try to access it from their file manager and get an error message "file format not supported" most out of ignorance delete the file from their device while the intelligent ones find a way to overcome the barriers. 

Accessing a Zip file requires and Unzipper. 
Depending on the model of phone you use there is a approved Unzipper in your application store. 

But in this tutorial we will be using the RaR app for extraction ( available for Android and IOS) 

Extraction using Rar is pretty simple and easy for starters. First off you'll need to Install Rar on your phone. 

Install Rar (Android) 

Install Rar (IOS) 

After installation has been completed, open the application and locate the Zip file, open it and extract it to a folder in your phone that your music player can read it from.... Hope we good. Nice. 

Uniport 2019 Golden Cypher - Host (Dj Jamiu) Audio Mp3 Download and Stream

It's rap time, Dj Jamiu (the choir master) hosts the annual rap cypher consisting of the hottest rapper out The University Of Port Harcourt.

The 2019 Golden Cypher contains the line up of 8 rappers all at their best, showing their skill and fluency on the mic. Production was handled by D Dex

Full list of Rappers

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Woah - Jaylon, Psychoyp and Illlydagreat Audio Mp3 Download and Stream

Collaborations is a main retainer for the Trap community, here Jaylon puts on PsychoYp and Illlydagreat for this explicit banger "Woah".

Woah is a trendy song with lots of amazing vibes, most Instagram popular comedians have used this song for their short videos.

Travis Scott - Highest In The Room Audio Stream and Mp3 Download

She Fill My Mind Up With Ideas 

 Travis Scott is a major figure in modern hip hop music especially when it comes to live performances and festival shows shut down, headlining No 1 Hip Hop Festival "Rollingloud" where he previewed his most recent music Highest In The Room , Travis is now a family man a more evolved and matured form of the 'Rodeo Travis Scott' that most of his fan base (Ragers) fell in love with, in a serious relationship with 'billionaire bitch' Kylie Jenner and welcoming his first daughter Stormi has kept Travis on the road of a Hip hop Rock star, always on the road. Girlfriend Kylie first previewed Highest In The Room on her Instagram page alongside a promotional video of her make up.

Download Also: Hot Remix Ft. Travis Scott and Gunna 

HITR is a Lil baby assisted track, unfortunately most fans on reedit and leaks/snippet forums expected a Gunna feature on the song since the instrumentals has the YSL record pattern and sound, but Lil Baby the other half of the duo will be featured on the track, Here is the official Instagram announcement for the release date of the single.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Wizkid - Joro Free Audio Download and Stream

It certain that @wizkidayo is a certified hit maker, after running off the industry with hits like "Low"  and "Gbese" none of these were officially a Wizkid track.

Starboy has been handing his wild international Recognition in an amazing manner, with lots of shows and events all over the world. In between the squeeze he gives us Joro wich likely is the most anticipated song up till date, not excluding the Burna boy new album that kept us on our toes and in the groove. Wizkid is on the pace to dropping a new project Made In Lagos, sooner than later. 

Download Also: Mr Boombastic - Blaqbonez Album

Joro samples dope melody and is certainly a hit.... No Cap.

DaBaby - iPhone Ft. Nicki Minaj Audio Mp3 Download and Stream

When it's your time it's your time, writing this post i can recall back some few months back when Lil baby was the talk of hiphop and then we started sprouting rising of DaBaby. The Quality Control Induced Collab helped cement DaBaby's success.

DaBaby's initial ability to rap and convey his message to a wide audience without much cloud (autotune... Ish) is a driving force in his explosive outburst.

Off the 'KIRK ' album comes Iphone Featuring Nicki Minaj.

The barbie princess can't seem to have enough of the music money despite Nicki announcement of retirement, she managed to hop on a track with DaBaby and topped the chart at it.... Whoooops

Wiz Khalifa - Presidents Audio Mp3 Download and Stream

King Khalifa birthed this new wave of rap but as usual credits ain't given to who due deserves them in some cases in this ugly world we live in 😂.

Wiz keeps his raps fly on Presidents, Khalifa has been noted for amazing music delivery the audio file first appeared on SoundCloud and delivered for online stream on hotnewhiphop.