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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Zip Album: How To Open and Listen To Audio Content

Be it a Rar or Zip format in which any album or mix tape has been compressed into, this tutorial will guide you on how to extract the music files into your phone audio player. 

Ever since the rise of the streaming era and Digital download of music, distributing music can be done from home directly to the fans out there without the help of a Record Label.

You certainly in your quest to listen to a new project from one of your favorite artists have come across the compiled format of the album in a Zip or Rar format sometimes 7z has been encountered on various mp3 download websites, what this file is for starters its a compiled version of all the track list from the album into a single file for faster and easier access instead of downloading each audio one after another. 

Lately of recent i get lots of visitors that download a Zip file of an album and after spending so much data in downloading the file (usually big) try to access it from their file manager and get an error message "file format not supported" most out of ignorance delete the file from their device while the intelligent ones find a way to overcome the barriers. 

Accessing a Zip file requires and Unzipper. 
Depending on the model of phone you use there is a approved Unzipper in your application store. 

But in this tutorial we will be using the RaR app for extraction ( available for Android and IOS) 

Extraction using Rar is pretty simple and easy for starters. First off you'll need to Install Rar on your phone. 

Install Rar (Android) 

Install Rar (IOS) 

After installation has been completed, open the application and locate the Zip file, open it and extract it to a folder in your phone that your music player can read it from.... Hope we good. Nice. 

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