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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How To Get Music to Sound Louder on My Android Phone Speakers

So here I am caught in between the lock down that's kept life from its normal daily activities. How did it get to this? Are we safe? Guess not.

Dicided to take a trip back in time, Got into my Black Player Ex and searched for (Akon - Locked Up Ft. Styles P) I'll drop a link to the song at the end of this post. Clicking on the ▶ play button I noticed a drop in the dynamics of the song or I'd rather say volume of the song I almost lost the vibe to listen to the song cos I've been heavily on my Audiomack listening to recent releases from Don Tolivers Hell or Heaven project and other up to date music that had modern production and sound design. I didn't want to let go cos I love Akon for sure, determined not to quit a Idea crossed my mind.

How about I switch from Stereo To Mono?

Nice idea I got into the Settings > Accessibility 
took a scroll down till where it shows

Mono Audio 
Combine Channels When Playing Audio

and enabled that you can see cos it turns blue when you have it on and some faded color when its on stereo. What this does is that it reconfigures the way the headphone or eaphone you are using reads the music file, per say

Stereo means 2 Channels (Left and Right)
Mono means 1 Channel (Centered) 

Back in the days music was recorded and produced on one channel so when you're listening to this type of song in Stereo mode it's just the same signal coming through the Left and Right speakers and this can cloud how the song sounds but when you set it to Mono it reads one signal then you can feel the drums and kicks coming from the center of the earphone. But be sure to keep it Stereo when listening to recent music because the days of Mono are long gone. Music production tend to use Stereo these days because with stereo the possibilities are endless, you can hear the panning of drums and kicks, even backing vocals can come from the left or right speakers creating an illusion of what the artist be trying to convey rather than when everything would have to come out of the Center of the speaker.

That's Solution One 

Now I got tired of listening to the songs on headphones cos it seems my ears got tired I plugged off the jack and switched to my phone back speakers and I found some cool tricks to get my speakers loudness up a bit. It's mostly activated on most Android phones but if it ain't just locate Settings >> Sounds >> Sound Enhancements >> BesLoudness. 

and Activate that, it's a kind of volume booster for phones default speakers.

Really listening to music at low volumes could be a vibe killer else I'm at places where I need to tone it down like the library or out in public or that's just my own opinion because I produce music??? 🙄🤔

Well be sure to Share this Post if it was helpful to you.

Here's the link I promised: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=14PgWitIbSk&gl=NG

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