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Do you plan on distributing your music on various Music platforms and start earning from your fanbase?
or have you ever had plans on getting paid for anyone that buys your music online.

distribute you music and earn cash
Music Platforms

            Good day Artist/Manager every up and coming musical act loves and would love to get accolades for their hardcore dedication into creating creative content, a good way of getting this is getting paid in cash, making money is also part of the plan of wanting to be an artist, honestly speaking lots of people delve into the endless black hole of wanting to be a celebrity because of the lavish lifestyle we see some celebrities live on social media and not all make it at the long run, some give up and other lack consistency due to frustration, and frustration builds from the fact that after all night of hard work not lot of people know how to make cash from what they have put so much effort into creating.

For such reasons, we at Tushbaze have made a good opportunity for you to distribute your music on top standard music platform (iTunes, Apple Music, MTN Music +, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, Beats, Deezer, Rdio, YouTube Music Key, Shazam and up to 50+ other stores & streaming services.) today and get heard whilst making some cash from your little fanbase.

  1. Good Cover Art:
    having your music available for streaming on these platforms requires that you have a good quality HD cover art for your song since they are moderated.
    don't have a cover art? Click here and let's create for you.

  2. High quality Song:
    all audio file sent for distribution should be of high quality and good production, please try to get your mp3 files mixed and mastered properly before sent to us else we would not proceed with the distribution
    Format: Mp3, M4a, Flacc

  3. Media Info:
    the following details are needed from the artist;
    Artist Name
    Track Name
    Album Name
    Track Genre

  4. Price Tag:
    We have set up an affordable price tag for everyone that can easily be provided. we distribute both albums and singles with different price tag respectively.

    Album: N15,000 (1 year)
    Single: N6,000 (1 year)

    for every time your music is bought you get paid and all your earnings shall be reported to you on a monthly basis and you decide when to request payment.

Having listed the requirements out, for those that wish to proceed with distribution of their tracks should send us a message on Whatsapp: +2348122958329 or email at umorbright@gmail.com we are always swift to reply to your messages and questions.